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Choosing paving stones can be hard since there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account. The choice is not getting easier since yearly, major paving stone suppliers come up with new products to add to the mix. If you are not sure of how to make your choice, here is how you can go about it.

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Know your style

See if the style of your house is contemporary or traditional. Know if you want the paving material to fit into the style of the house or you want it to contrast. If your house is made of brick or stone, you need paving that will go with the brick. If your house is contemporary, you should opt for something that is cleaner and with a sharper look such as granite. However, you do not have to stick to tradition. Modern materials can look really good next to traditional materials.

Think about color and its effect

Know if you will be paving in a sunny part of the flower garden or in a shade. Think of the colors of the stone that you are choosing. Not only in terms of getting the right stones to complement existing and nearby buildings, but also in regard to the effect the stone is going to have on making the place to look brighter or not.

Consider your budget

Budget is an important factor but it is also essential that you take into consideration the cost of layering the stones you choose. Most natural stones come in different thickness and it is harder and time consuming for a landscaper to lay and area of paving when all the stones are in different thicknesses. There are other stones which are very heavy thus making the whole layering process to be costly and very slow. It is going to cost you a lot more when you are buying a new stone which has been cut to uniform thickness. You can also consider using pre cast or even reconstituted slabs. Some fake products that are on offer these days can be quite impressive in terms of resembling natural stone and they are the best alternative if you like the look of sandstone but you are not fascinated by the different wild colors.

Where is the paving being used

If the paving stones are being used in an area that gets very little sunlight, then it is going to be covered in algae by the end of winter. This is alright if you do not mind walking in it for those who do not want to have stone underfoot which is very slimy when it gets wet, you should think twice. You should also consider the surface finish of the stone that you are going to choose. Riven finish is ideal if you are aiming for a traditional look but the uneven sandstone can be quite dangerous when it gets wet since it becomes smooth.

With the information provided above, you are sure to make the right choice.